Things to Consider when Installing Wood Fence 

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Wood fences are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to their properties. However, installing a wood fence requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that the fence is both functional and attractive.  

From choosing the right materials and design to finding the right style, there are many factors to consider when installing a wood fence.  

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Here are some of the most important things to remember when embarking on a wood privacy fence Mesa AZ installation project. 

FeaturesTo Consider 

  • Hardware  

Wood fences need a lot of hardware. If you hire a professional fence contractor, they will likely utilize rink-shanked and galvanized nails. With this, you can guarantee that your fence will last many years. In addition to that, they will also utilize three hinges for your gate and heavy-duty latches for durability and longevity.   

  • Stain  

One ideal method to beautify and protect wood fences is staining. Because water can lead to a lot of issues for wood, stains can help protect the wood from this natural element. Fortunately, there are a lot of forms of colors that you can pick from. This will help you obtain your preferred look. Several stains will appear like paint. However, some are clear barriers intended to help protect the wood from the elements.   

Types to Consider  

  • Lattice Fence  

This is a very appealing option for many homeowners. It’s commonly known to be friendly to your landscaping. This type of fencing has a tight pattern that helps keep you from feeling like you are living in a stronghold. It also provides actual privacy.  

  • Dog Eared Fence  

Due to the picket’s consistency, this uniform fence works exceptionally well for unusual property shapes. This type of fence enables the contractor to change the sections to fit your lawn more appropriately without breaking the fence’s flow on your neighbor’s side. In addition, they’re great for variety in the style that goes on top of the fence.   

  • Board on Board Fence  

This type of fence looks great on both sides. This is because boards switch to either side of your rail. Sometimes, these boards are installed tightly to get rid of gaps. This form of fence allows the wind to move through your fence and into your lawn. Thus, you can still ensure good airflow when you install this.  

  • Shadow Box Fence  

Almost every homeowner who picks this form of fencing selects it for the goal of looks and privacy. From the name itself, this type of fence produces a shadow. In addition to that, this fence is ideal in a hurricane-prone area.   

  • Transition Fence  

A transition fence can alter the height from one part of the fence to another. For instance, the fence between you and your neighbor’s backyard might be only 4 feet high. However, as the plants get closer to the fence line that faces the street, they get higher and higher. This produces the traditional look of a privacy fence in that part.   

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